Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Where is your Place?

I know that everyone has a 'place'. A place they can go to escape the worries, drama's and fears of daily living. Weather it be a forest, deep within the tree's, a calm lake, the bedroom or even a five minute escape in the toilet!

I am lucky enough to live on the coast and I have beautiful Beach's that are never far away. I find if I am stressed, worried, deliberating over a difficult decision or just wanting to relax. The beach is my 'place' to go.

I'm not talking about the beach in tourist season with the blistering heat blaring down, sunbathing with ice creams. No. I have always found the beach far more beautiful when no one is around on a cold frost morning. Watching a storm brew in the sky above the waves, watching the moonlight flicker in the ripples of water in the dead at night. This is where it's beauty is hidden!

I find the rolling of the waves crashing the shore somehow therapeutic and to see so clearly so far ahead. Makes me feel, when I am stuck, there is just so much more! Open possibilities, an open space for my thoughts to unfold.

Here is a picture I took yesterday morning;

So where is your 'place'?


  1. What a thought provoking post! I too have a place, and I am afaid I have to share your ideals on this, it is the beach!

    I wish I lived a walk away from our beach, however we do not, maybe one day?! Who knows! The waves are calming even if they are rough and growling. My Mum got told that waves simulate how we are meant to inhale and exhale (on the timing side of things). Next time you are at the beach, note how your breathing ends up being in sync with the waves - this is what gives me inner peace and calm.

    The next place I have is sitting in the garden, watching nature 'do its thing'. It really is wonderful. Our little man loves nature (we call him nature boy!) This is good for him to have an interest in for sure.

    I love the photo you have taken, it is the epitome of calm (here comes the peaceful sigh).


  2. wow I never knew that about the breathing and the waves (I wonder if thats why I find it so relaxing?) I will be checking that out next time I go down.

    Yes the garden is lovley although I hardly use mine I feel a little bit to overlooked! I am a bit of a loner really and like to be away from everything! lol

    I don't think you can beat mother nature though. It's just far to beautiful


  3. I agree my lovely - mother nature is wonderful, and so homely but then that is why it is called so.

    That is probably why you find the waves so relaxing! Do you know what, I too am a bit of a loner, I am comfortable with my own company. Some people don't get that, but I totally do so am with you on that one!



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