Sunday, 23 September 2012



The tide was out on Littlehampton beach. It was the only time possible to sneak underneath the pier. Miriam knew exactly where to go. It was a spot right next to an eroded wooden support of the pier. It was marked with a big, heavy, speckled stone. Miriam and Pete would often walk together hand in hand along the beach, their springer spaniel running excitedly in circles around them. Pete would often joke, that, this precise point would be where he hid all his treasures. Miriam would carelessly tease him; asking if his name was 'pirate Pete'. She wasn't aware of the subtle clue back then.

Pete used to be a volunteer of the Littlehampton RLNI. He gave up his time at the weekends and was on call for emergencies. He had always had a passion for the sea and would walk for hours with the dog, staring out in awe at the relentless power of the frothing waves. One night he was called out in terrible weather conditions, a fishing boat in distress had radioed for assistance. Pete had fallen overboard mid rescue. The strong undercurrents taking him captive, cruelly taking him prisoner to the sea. His body was never retrieved. The Gazette newspaper article that proceeded the tragedy, branded him a 'courageous hero.' But Miriam already knew that, it's why she had fallen in love with him all those years ago.

Miriam regularly sat in the 'Look and Sea Centre,' casting her gaze down the estuary of the river Arun. Watching the way the water weaves it dangerous patterns. It's where She would talk to Pete. She would talk out at the sea as if he could hear her. Every now and then the clouds would break, causing the sunlight to stream down in rays, touching the river and making it twinkle. It looked so beautiful that Miriam would think that it looked like a piece of heaven seeping through. She liked to take it as a sign he was listening, she'd even imagined once or twice that his face appeared from behind a cloud, smiling and waving back at her. But of course, that was just daft.

Underneath the pier Miriam moved the stone to one side and used her fingers to dig into the wet sand. Pete had never mentioned to Miriam that he had left anything for her. But She knew him too well. It was just like Pete to leave her little gestures, he was always so thoughtful. She'd never tried to take it though, he belonged to the sea now. But, every time the tide was far enough out she'd come here. To check it. She wiggled her fingers a little deeper in the sand and her ring clinked against a glass jar. She unscrewed the lid, removed the contents, unravelled it from the plastic bags protecting it. She knew exactly what it was; Pete's silver pocket watch! The one she had given to him on their wedding day. Clasping her fingers around the cold metal she raised it up to her ear and sure enough, even after all these years, it was still ticking. A living pulse. She held it against her chest, a single tear rolled down her cheek. Releasing it, she flipped it over and traced the inscription with her finger gazing at the words....

'Our love is timeless.'

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Flash Fiction: 'GOSSIP'

That nagging suspicion wouldn't subside no matter how hard I tried to pacify it. There was something about her that caused my intuition to scream out. She appeared normal enough. She looked well presented, her hair falling where it should, her clothes neatly ironed and when you were close enough you could smell a faint scent of floral perfume.

She must of moved into the area about a month ago as I have seen her everyday at the school gates since. She'd be there picking up her son who was a year below my boy. I'd never spoken to her, but she drew the eye. Even though there was nothing extraordinary about her she seemed to stand out. I tried not to stare. I'm sure I have notice the other mum's looking too. Lucy even made comment last week, asking where this woman had suddenly come from. She never appeared to notice though, she just carries on wearing that false smile that would twitch on her glossed lips, taking her son's hand with recently manicured nails.

Picking up my boy's book bag hastily, I crane my neck seeing her disappear around the corner, I hasten my steps until I watch her walk up to a parked car, which is lined up against the school's side exit. I strain my eyes to get a better look at who is sitting in the drivers seat. It's only Mr Harrison! My son's science teacher! He reaches over to touch the top of her arm as she slips effortlessly into the passenger seat, leaning over to plant a small kiss on his lips. I guiltily advert my eyes. Hurry away hoping they didn't catch me watching them.

Mr Harrison and her! I knew she was a hussy. Just wait until I tell the others at the school gates in the morning that she is having an affair with Mr Harrison.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Bella on the beach

My attempt at writing a children's story, inspired by my cheeky chocolate Labrador and my gorgeous daughter.

Please click on the link below to see the illustrated edition;

Hope you enjoy  x

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Weather worn heart

I meet you in the Spring
your fresh, new and exciting.
Just as the first glimpse's of sunlight
or the vibrant foliage growing upon the tree.

You take my hand and walk with me to summer.
Long, hazy days see us talking into the night.
Love and laughter as warming as the sun rays.

As the days shorten so does your temper
our love falls around us.
As do the autumnal leaves from the tree
bearing just twigs, skeletons of what used to be.

The winter freezes over your heart.
your soul turned to ice.
It's cold, it's dark.
your gone.