Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Flash Fiction: 'GOSSIP'

That nagging suspicion wouldn't subside no matter how hard I tried to pacify it. There was something about her that caused my intuition to scream out. She appeared normal enough. She looked well presented, her hair falling where it should, her clothes neatly ironed and when you were close enough you could smell a faint scent of floral perfume.

She must of moved into the area about a month ago as I have seen her everyday at the school gates since. She'd be there picking up her son who was a year below my boy. I'd never spoken to her, but she drew the eye. Even though there was nothing extraordinary about her she seemed to stand out. I tried not to stare. I'm sure I have notice the other mum's looking too. Lucy even made comment last week, asking where this woman had suddenly come from. She never appeared to notice though, she just carries on wearing that false smile that would twitch on her glossed lips, taking her son's hand with recently manicured nails.

Picking up my boy's book bag hastily, I crane my neck seeing her disappear around the corner, I hasten my steps until I watch her walk up to a parked car, which is lined up against the school's side exit. I strain my eyes to get a better look at who is sitting in the drivers seat. It's only Mr Harrison! My son's science teacher! He reaches over to touch the top of her arm as she slips effortlessly into the passenger seat, leaning over to plant a small kiss on his lips. I guiltily advert my eyes. Hurry away hoping they didn't catch me watching them.

Mr Harrison and her! I knew she was a hussy. Just wait until I tell the others at the school gates in the morning that she is having an affair with Mr Harrison.

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  1. Am loving this! I know it's only a 10 minute installment, but I actually want to hear more!! :) keep up the good work. I look forward to reading your next piece of work. x .


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