Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Flash Fiction

He opened the dark mahogany draw and threw in the letter, it landed on a pile of crisp white envelopes just the vibrant red word 'URGENT' printed on the fronts breaking up the whiteness. Slamming the draw shut hastily he took his glasses from the end of his nose and rested them on the deep wood desktop the other hand rubbing the top of his nose, squeezing his eyes tightly together. With a deflated sigh he reached over to a bottle of scotch placed in the corner of the desk next to the reading lamp, clinking it against the thick based whisky glass, without hesitation he gulped the liquid down, enjoying the warming sting. Momentarily erasing the thought of what he had to do next to stop Mr Clayton finding out that his credit cards had been copied.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

What do you do when you want to do everything?

There seems to be so much so do (or so much that I want to do) and I am unable to fit it all in to the hours of the day. It can get so intense that I am overwhelmed with all the decisions; shall I write that story that is going around my head, shall I read that book that sounded great in the review, shall I update my social network sites, shall I try and begin writing that novel that won't write itself or shall I get on with the 101 chores I am meant to be doing around the house. that is just the beginning of things that whizz around my mind, even if I start trying one of the things on the list above I am so busy worrying that I am not doing one of the other things that I cannot concentrate on the thing that I'm doing!! therefore in fact wasting my time completely in non productivity. It's as if my mind is travelling at 280MPH but I can only do 30MPH!

The question is what do you do, when you want to do everything??

At least I have motivation on my side (give me credit for something). But I drive myself insane with being unable to commit to one thing without becoming easily distracted, (any tips of time management would be gratefully received - or in fact any answerers to the ubove question!)

In conclusion to my rant of the day I guess I am thankful that we live in a world with so may beautiful and interesting things in it, that I should slow down and appreciate them more. Devour the joy on the time spent doing things that I love. (but things are easier said that done!)

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Spooky stories

Well my ghost story is nearly finished now (just typing up my last few corrections! well I'm supposed to be but this blog is distracting me!! :-))I have had a real journey with this story and have realized just how tricky it all is but it has made me see that I do love to do it and that I am really excited about starting my next project! (not that I know what that is just yet!) As I was writing a ghost story I thought I would read some ghost stories to get me into the spirit of the thing (lol - pun not intended) So I read a book called the 'woman in black' by Susan Hill. What a great read this book is, it had me gripped wanting to know what was going to happen next. After reading this book you will be wanting to sleep with the lights on! A brief outline of the story is;

Arthur Kipps a junior solicitor is requested to attend the funreal of Mrs Drablow the sole inhabitor of the Eel Mash house. A solitray house in the middle of the marshes, in a cloud of salt mist, unaware of the tragic secreats which lie hidden in this house. It is not untill he sees a wasted women dressed all in black that his curiouslity and unease start to take hold.

This book has now been made into a fightfuly fantastic west end theatre show, fingers crossed I will get to go and see it soon.

Has anyone read any scary ghost stories latley?
Let me know if you recomend any.

Thanks and bye for now,