Tuesday, 10 August 2010

What do you do when you want to do everything?

There seems to be so much so do (or so much that I want to do) and I am unable to fit it all in to the hours of the day. It can get so intense that I am overwhelmed with all the decisions; shall I write that story that is going around my head, shall I read that book that sounded great in the review, shall I update my social network sites, shall I try and begin writing that novel that won't write itself or shall I get on with the 101 chores I am meant to be doing around the house. that is just the beginning of things that whizz around my mind, even if I start trying one of the things on the list above I am so busy worrying that I am not doing one of the other things that I cannot concentrate on the thing that I'm doing!! therefore in fact wasting my time completely in non productivity. It's as if my mind is travelling at 280MPH but I can only do 30MPH!

The question is what do you do, when you want to do everything??

At least I have motivation on my side (give me credit for something). But I drive myself insane with being unable to commit to one thing without becoming easily distracted, (any tips of time management would be gratefully received - or in fact any answerers to the ubove question!)

In conclusion to my rant of the day I guess I am thankful that we live in a world with so may beautiful and interesting things in it, that I should slow down and appreciate them more. Devour the joy on the time spent doing things that I love. (but things are easier said that done!)


  1. I am totally with you on this one. Pretty much what I was trying to say in my too much interests me post (but you put it soooo much better!). I think the exact same way and it actually drives me insane, because I end up feeling like I just can't get on with enough. I too get easily distracted when trying to do one thing on the list, by thinking that I should then be doing another on the list too!

    I guess it's just about making sure we have the down time to fit in the things we want to do also (very difficult to do I know!)These things will be fitted in, given time. Baby steps I guess! Time management is also something that I need help with! If anyone has any clues then I will be watching this post like a hawk! :)

    Sending you an Inner Smile for contentment. xxx

  2. I get so mad with myself! I'm glad I'm not alone on this one and that you also can understand what I mean. Do you think it may be a women thing? or is it a creative thing? or none of these and just a curse!! lol
    When I'm reading I keep thinkng I should be writing my own stuff, but then I'm writing I keep thinking I should be reading to learn. AAAHHHHHH Baby steps indeed, one thing at a time - I just have never been any good at doing that!

    What are we gonna do!?!

    Sending you a smile also :-)

  3. Well, it could be a woman thing because apparently we meant to be able to multi-task (apparently!!). Although I think its more of a creative mind thing personally. Because if we didn't have creative minds then our list would come down by half for sure!!

    What are we to do indeed, I guess just plod along trying to get as many things as possible done in the time that we do have - I find making lists is good because you can visually see what needs to be done, and once you have done one of those items you can tick it off your list which also makes you feel better becuase you have achieved something! (plus I tend to forget most things unless I write them down!)

    Big smiley right back at ya! :D x


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