Sunday, 25 July 2010

promote creative minds

Hey Everyone,

If you are a teacher, parent, planning to have kids, or have an interest in education or being creative then check out this link to a talk by Ken Robinson.

I recently came across this link myself on Jason Mraz's blog and after watching it I found myself agreeing with a lot of things this man says in his amusing talk.Why is the arts at the bottom of the schooling system??????? why not encourage freedom of expression and to truly develop ourselves in every way possible. I understands that the core subjects are a valuable tool in education but why is this system more balanced? why are we told as children. "you can't do that as a career". "being a poet isn't a real job why not be a lawyer??" I spent (in school and after school) being some one I didn't really know, or like for that matter as I was afraid of that people though of me and of being laughed at. But now I am beginning to be true to myself of who I really am and thinking that everyone might not like that but it's OK!! As a result I have become much happier.

I've always said that I feel that there is more, and have never felt satisfied and often felt lost, I have always said before that one of my dreams is to write a book, but every time I go to sit down with a pen and paper (or more often at my laptop) nothing will flow afraid of how it might sound and that people will just disregard it and tell me to forget it and go to my 9-5. Is this really what school has taught us??? taught us to resist out creativity? resist being true to our selfs?? being afraid to make mistakes?? just to become generic robots to prepare for what we don't even know will happen???

Well I am going to try to break this cycle in my mind and have started to write jibbish everywhere, to myself, in letters, in emails, in blogs!!! lol then one day writing a book may become more of a reality than a dream.Add a bit of creativity into your day today. Look at something in a completely fresh new way............................................................ what did you come up with????

To a more fulfilling life



  1. What a wonderful way to start off your blog! A truely inspiring piece, and totally agreeable to the notion of promoting creativity in schools to balance with the core subjects.:D

    I am just about to watch the article attached to your writing.


  2. Thanks Abi, what a lovley welcome. :-)

  3. No Problem my lovely. I managed to set aside the minutes it took to watch the link above, and it is a good piece! The guy is also remarkably funny, which I was not expecting! A very good watch :D x


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