Friday, 23 September 2011


...... Is a funny thing,
It's there but it's not.
So compelling,
But yet, so unconvincing.

......Is a bizarre thing,
How can you tell it's there?
You just 'know'.
But how?

......Is an odd thing,
An entwined love;
It can't be without.
Where's the confirmation?

......Is a peculiar thing,
It's just an emotion.
An expectation!
But it’s the significance of any relationship.

......Is a curious thing,
Is it possible to ever trust anyone?
It must be,
Because I do!

1 comment:

  1. Ellie,
    What beautiful, heartfelt poetry you write.
    Trust is a funny old thing. I always say, trust is something we all have and we all give our trust in almost everything we do. It can be betrayed. And that is down to the person/people we put our trust in.
    The trust will always be there, regardless of what happens to it afterward. It remains. A constant.
    Am loving the flow of your words :)


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